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Frequently asked questions – June | Aquaforest

4 07, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions from Our Customers

Welcome, marine aquarists! This month, we’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions about our fascinating hobby. We’ve prepared answers based on our experience and knowledge to help you better understand the intricacies of maintaining a marine aquarium.

Whether you’re just starting your journey with marine fish and corals or already have some experience, I hope this article will be a valuable source of information and inspiration for you.

1. Can Hybrid Pro Salt be used in an aquarium without a protein skimmer?

Absolutely, but we encourage you to get a skimmer. Hybrid Pro Salt is rich in probiotic bacteria responsible for removing nutrients from the aquarium. Using a protein skimmer helps remove these impurities from the water, so if you’re struggling with high nitrate and phosphate, a skimmer might be necessary. A protein skimmer will also be essential if you want to run your aquarium using the ULNS method.

2. My Phosphate Minus has turned rusty red. This happened because I didn’t store it airtight. Can it lose its properties?
If the product was stored improperly, it might have lost its full properties. Using such a product won’t harm your tank, but its effectiveness might be limited.

3. I want to start using Aquaforest products: Magnesium, KH Buffer, and Calcium. Do I need special magnetic stirrers to dissolve these products?

Actually, you don’t need a stirrer. The substances used are easily soluble in water. These devices, of course, speed up the preparation process but aren’t necessary.

4. I use Stone Fix and found high levels of silicates in the water. After testing the rock and Stone Fix, it turned out that Stone Fix releases silicates, even after several rinses. Should I be concerned, and how can I resolve this?

Most rock and mineral materials can release some silicon into the water (rocks, adhesives, sand, zeolites, etc.). That’s why in newly established tanks, the silicon level is often elevated. This is natural. Solutions include water changes and using Phosphate Minus – a filtration medium that lowers both phosphates and silicates.

5. Could you explain what resin mixture Di Resin is?

Our Di Resin is a mixture of cation and anion resin.

6. When using your Pro Bio S product, should I turn off the skimmer and remove filter media like Carbon?

While using Pro Bio S, we do not recommend turning off the skimmer. We also recommend keeping the filter media in place.

7. Is it safe to use Life Bio Fil during quarantine when treating with copper?

Yes, but after the treatment is completed, we recommend replacing the media with new ones. Otherwise, residues may remain that we don’t want in a healthy aquarium.

8. I plan to use No3+ and Po4+. Can I use them together?

Yes, you can use them together. However, we don’t recommend mixing them into one solution before adding them to the aquarium. You should dose these products into the aquarium one after the other.

Thank you for all your questions. If you have any questions about our products or marine aquaristics, feel free to contact us via the contact form or join our Facebook group, Aquaforest Group. There you will meet many experienced aquarists who will be happy to answer your questions and share their knowledge!