New ocean-friendly packaging!


We simply love the oceans, that’s why our buckets are made with 20% of ocean-recovered plastic! Instead of producing more plastic waste, we decided to make world a better place and use materials, that are collected straight from the ocean!

To make the packaging safe we used:

  • safe dyes & enamels
  • fully recyclable plastic (20% of which comes from the ocean waste)

Gradually, we’ll work on using more ocean waste materials for our packaging. We’ve also reduced the amount of plastic produced by replacing old-fashioned packaging with bags dedicated for reefing products. These new bags allowed us to reduce plastic introduced into the environment by 85%! We still search for natural solutions, new suppliers and packaging ways, that help us all to clean the oceans. Please, remember, that you don’t have to throw away the buckets, you can always:

  • use Aquaforest refill bags
  • use it for storage, cleaning, tank maintenance