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Medium and Large Fish Tanks with Stands – Explore Our Offer

The AF Aquariums line is the result of a connection to modern technology and years of experience in aquaristics. Each item in the set has been designed to meet the highest quality standards. The result of collaboration between the top tech minds and marine experts, who helped us create the most effective solutions. Each model is available in 6 different colors.

Premium Glass Saltwater Aquariums – Discover Unparalleled Quality

The use of premium OptiWhite glass ensures crystal-clear glass that does not distort the hues. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain and is highly resistant to scratches. The super flat surface offers ideal conditions for watching coral reefs without any distortions and deformations. The black overflow box, bottom and rear glass guarantee high aesthetics. All of it is connected by black silicon, which is specially developed for marine aquariums and guarantees the highest water-tightness.

Coral Reef Aquariums – Create a Stunning Underwater Paradise

The beauty of corals will shine brightly in our AF Aquariums collection, making your underwater paradise even more amazing. Thanks to innovation in technology and high standards of quality, our aquariums provide optimal conditions for the most demanding corals. Now, you have a chance to create your own coral reefs and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Discover the possibilities offered by our AF Aquariums line.

Uncompromising Quality for Zoos, Oceanariums, and You

Why are our aquariums unique? Because we focus on high and uncompromised quality. We use OptiWhite glass, which is valued by many aquarists in the world. The tanks have smartly designed cascading chambers to support filtration process. The marine yacht technology we use means that we use only materials that are resistant to hard conditions, such as high humidity, warm, and high loads.Our sump is made of PVC, that allows us to get the highest durability and water-tightness. Additionally, sump has a modern look. Hydraulics complete the whole. Each element was made for marine aquaristic needs.

Furthermore, thanks to anti-vibration foam, silencing cover on the overflow, sump chambers to reduce water flow noises and noise-cancellation provided by gate valve, your aquarium will be ultra-silent for your maximum comfort.