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Provide adequate and efficient filtration. Crucial media for every aquarium & revolutionary product settled with the most active strains of nitrifying bacteria.

Biological filtration media

Biological filtration is crucial for keeping a healthy environment for every animal in the aquarium. This process is based on the action of nitrifying bacteria, as Nitrosomonas and Nitrospira. These bacteria transform toxic substances, as ammonia and ammonium ions in more safety for fish nitrate ions. The nitrate ions are removable by regular water changing or thank by anaerobic bacteria. These types of bacteria transform nitrate ions into molecular nitrogen, which evaporates from aquarium.

During set up of an aquarium, it is important to remember that beneficial bacteria need appropriate conditions in the aquarium too. That is why, you have to ensure it them. Bio balls, sponges, filter floss, ceramic noodles and substrates with valuable elements, which help to create appropriate number of bacteria in aquarium. It is worth seeing these elements when arranging a new aquarium. We recommended using products that contain nitrifying bacteria, for example Life Bio Media.

Life Bio Media is a support to develop bacteria, this product also creates a healthy environment for the inhabitants of the aquarium and accelerates the maturity of the tank.

Mechanical filter media

Mechanical filtration involves the flow of water through different types of filters. It helps to remove unsightly pollution, such as uneaten food, fish poop, plant debris, dust, and cloudy water. Using this method, it’s important to keep an eye out for the filter’s regular maintenance. The smaller the pores on the filter, the more effective the filtration, but the more often it needs to be cleaned. Otherwise, the putrefaction process may start, which will cause problems in the ecosystem.

Products such as filter inserts, filter fleece (for example, AF Filter Floss), filter sponges and socks (for example, AF Filter Sock) are often used for mechanical filtration.

Chemical filter media

Chemical filtration has many advantages. Depending on which products we used, it is possible to remove unnecessary substances individually or collectively. Our offer includes many products that effectively reduce undesirable substances. 

For example, Phosphate Minus will remove excess of phosphate, Zeo Mix successfully absorbs ammonia and ammonium ions.

High quality activated granular carbon (Carbon) immediately removes impurities from the water, coloring substances, and causing water turbidity.

Resin (Di Resin) is used to remove chemical waste including phosphate, heavy metals such as copper and nitrate. 

Chemical filtration has other benefits, such as reducing algae, prevents water clouding and removes medication residues. However, keep in mind that none of these filter media is permanent and each will need to be replaced. To avoid contamination of the water, it is important to monitor the parameters in the tank and use these products according to their instructions.