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Maintain perfect water parameters with supplements created by experienced aquarists. This is a complete set of products designed for coral aquariums. Ready-to-use formulas and powders for self-preparation.

Enhance the health of your fish tank with effective water treatment solutions

 The quality of water is a crucial thing to keep a healthy and balanced aquarium environment. Inappropriate parameters of water can lead to troubles, as excess of algae, turbidity of the water, increased stress or even death of animals. Properly care about the condition of water is necessary. Aquaforest offers a wide range of high-quality products to maintain appropriate water parameters.

One of the main parameters in aquarium is KH, carbonate hardness. Property value of concentration carbonates is important for corals to build skeletons and healthy growth. It is sudden decline can stop the nitrifying process. To prevent such a situation, Aquaforest prepared KH Buffer and KH Plus. These products help to keep stability of carbonate hardness, what’s makes easier to keep properly pH.

The next element is magnesium, which is essential to the proper growth of corals. Deficiency of this mineral can result in inability to maintain normal calcium levels and too low pH. That’s why we made Magnesium and Mg Plus. These products allow to raise the level of magnesium in the tank.

Let us return to calcium. Low levels of this element, also carry serious consequences. Calcium is essential for corals to build their skeleton, deficiencies can result in significant stunting or growth arrest. An excellent solution is to start taking Calcium or Ca Plus, correcting deficiencies and stabilising calcium levels. In addition, Ca Plus greatly facilitates calcification.

Good to know, mostly parameters are very dependent on each other. Therefore, it will be a good idea to use, for example, Calcium and Magnesium at the same time. Then we ensure properly level of magnesium, which in turn allows for a better ability to retain calcium.

Ensure optimal water conditions for your fish tank with professional water treatment methods

While taking care of the water chemistry, we could not forget the H. Balling method. Additionally, we enriched it with microelements, essential for the proper functioning of a marine aquarium. That’s how we created the set of Component 1+2+3+ and Components Pro, which ensure for your aquarium ideal level of all elements, even those, which quantity is difficult to determine and must be systematically dosed.

To take care of corals health, we recommend using our product AF Life Source. This is a 100% natural deposit from Fiji, which ensure access to ingredients from the natural environment. Excellent as a buffer to increase the microbiology of reef tanks.

To maintain the right parameters and water clarity, we should change the water frequently. To accelerate this process, we have specially developed AF Perfect Water. It is seawater with ideal parameters to replicate conditions from the natural environment as closely as possible. This product is free of all impurities. We recommend a water change rate of 10% of the aquarium volume per week.