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Food designed for herbivorous and omnivorous fish, in the most convenient and accessible form – flakes, with a unique addition of nori algae!

Nori algae are rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins, which have a crucial impact on the proper development and functioning of fish. These algae are a fundamental food source for many species living in the wild.

Spirulina, also an ingredient in our food, falls into the category of “superfoods.” Known for its high nutritional content, it supports the natural digestive processes of fish, contributing to maintaining their health and vitality. When regularly used, it enhances the coloration of fish due to the carotenoids contained in spirulina.

What makes this product unique:

  • Flakes, the most popular form of food,
  • Supports proper development and functioning,
  • Aids natural digestive processes,
  • Contributes to maintaining health and vitality,
  • Stimulates growth and development,
  • Supports the immune system,
  • Benefits color intensity.

Ingredients: spirulina, grain products, plant proteins, fish and fish products , mollusks and crustaceans, nori algae (5%), fish oil, yeast.
Additives: vit. A 30000 IU/kg, vit. C 50 mg/kg, vit. E 150 mg/kg, vit. D3 2000 IU/kg. 
Analytical ingredients: crude protein: 34.5%, crude fat: 4%, crude fiber: 3.5%, crude ash: 6.5%, moisture: 3%.

Dosage: We recommend feeding your fish 1-2 times a day, giving them the amount of food they can manage to eat in a few minutes. This will ensure they get the right amount of nutrients without over-consuming or wasting food.