Component 3 in 1

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Component 3in1 is a comprehensive product of macro and micro elements, dedicated to marine aquariums, created based on the Balling method. The formula comprises highly concentrated calcium, magnesium, and KH in proportions that precisely align with the requirements of corals. Component 3 in 1 contains organic calcium salts, so it also works as a carbon source in marine aquariums. 

Key ingredients necessary for maintaining the health and well-being of corals can be found in perfectly balanced proportions of magnesium, calcium and KH.

Component 3 in 1 provides essential macronutrients in a form that is easily assimilated by marine organisms. Additionally, it contains essential trace elements that play a key role in metabolic processes, coral growth, and maintaining intense coloration.

Thanks to its 3-in-1 formula, dispensing the product is very quick and easy. In addition, it eliminates the possibility of selecting the wrong proportions. 

What’s great about this product?

  • Key contribution to coral growth
  • Improvement and maintenance of coral coloration
  • Speed and simplicity in dosing the product
  • Perfect balance between all macronutrients and trace elements

Good to know: calcium diformate. Causes serious eye damage. If medical advice is needed, have a product container or label at hand. Keep it out of the reach of children. Wear protective gloves and eye protection. If in the eyes: rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses. Continue rinsing. Immediately call a doctor. Product for aquarium use only.

1 liter of the product contains 40000 mg (Ca), 1900 mg (Mg), 5800° (KH), and trace elements.

Recommended dosage: 5 ml per 100 l of aquarium water per day. Dosage should be adjusted according to the needs of the aquarium. Monitor the KH level and increase the dose if needed. The maximum daily dose is 25 ml per 100 liters.