Just received my pro biotic salt from H20 Aquatics , just about running full AF now , so pleased with the results so far , this is the best range of products that I have used in the reef keeping hobby ,simply stunning results.

Michael Parker, UK

With probiotic salt the tank and the rocks is more clear With amino ,vitamine and energy is ok for sps Build is ok for rocks and sps food bow zooplankton ,i use pepper nyos Oligo af is ok , for me the single oligo is good , with oligo red green blu i have problem of dosing ,or more or small I use so another brand in my tank I want try to understand the product.

Sergio Bergamo, Italy

Aquaforest is effective and it works. More importantly, its affordable. Im glad the local distro have continuously remain the stock count, unlike some other distros, keep out of stock and got to wait for months. I’m able to keep the nutrients low even with daily frozen foods.
Coloration has improved overall. More vibrant. Coloring sps is made easier.

Ihanow Ng, Singapore

1) Purple
The purple packaging is definitely the best thing I like about AF… Unique. Eye-catching. Makes you eager to do the next dosage just to see it. Ok, you guys get the point. I really love the purple and the professional yet friendly look.

2) Price
I was not keen to do the switch from what I was dosing* to AF when I first got news of it. Never really believe in such products so why bother changing? But I must say the price was pretty attractive and I told myself – $12 per bottle for F and S, so why not just give it a try? I did. And I honestly do not regret it.

3) Performance
Price won my wallet. Performance won my trust. I mean whats good price without good performance right? ABVE + FS has really won me over. In the past, I feed a bit only I get algae (not a lot but there will never be too little algae tio bo?). The truly annoying algae is the algae film that always gets on the glass. So last time feed a bit = many water changes a week and fast algae growth on glass. After dosing FS, I can confidently feed my fishes and yet face minimal algae on the glass. Im not saying that it stopped but I now need not clean the glass so often. Moreover, some sps like my monti and digi changed colour – brown to pink, brownish purple to intense purple, brown to pastel purple. As for ABVE, I must say that polyp extension became happier. Whether the corals are healthier and growth rate, I will be honest and say that I don’t know for now. I can only report what I see so far and I am happy with everything so far.
Titus, Singapore

After 3weeks of using AF salt, Pro F, Bio S n Np….water getting stable, SPS showing PE and no3 drop from 25 to 0. Thumbs up!

CheinSiong, Singapore

I was using zeovit before I started with AF. I use AF Amino Mix, AF Build,  AF Energy, AF Vitality, and np pro, pro f and pro bio s. Bio s only when, waterchange. Im 2 months into AF now, and my polyps at going crazy, things are starting to colour up nice. I’m very happy with the product! And will keep using it from now on! Easy to use, and good priced products!:) I’m currently running the system now, with AF reefsalt, but will go over to the probiotics salt, when I’m done with this bucket.

Geir P Guldal, Thailand

Prior to start I had zero PO4 and 0.2 Nitrate but SPS had stopped growing, PE was bad and many SPS were not showing true colours.
I suspect it was old tank syndrome where trace elements were below NSW ( I had not kept up with WC’s as filtration was working and Balling kept Kh/MG/CA stable, plus I am a little lazy)
In the 2 months of AF dosing growth has kicked off again and corals are completely changed in colour and PE is wild!
PO4 and Nitrate have remained stable since I started but I have increased fish livestock 30% and much more feeding in this period.
I’m finding AF products to be good value and easy to use once you figure out  which products suit your approach to the system.
For example you can choose the AF Balling which has all your trace included, or if you like more control you can mix your own balling liquids and dose trace elements individually.
Once you figure it out you can tailor the AF products to use according to your tanks needs, your time/lifestyle and your experience level.
Be warned the AF vitality products are awesome but are quite concentrated so start off slow when dosing these! What you end up dosing will be very dependent on the quantity and size of your coral colonies!

All in al I am very happy with AF products and the support of the manufacturer! I highly recommend this approach to reef tank chemistry

Niall Cleary, Norway

Aquaforest works totaly fine for me.

Espen Simonse, Norway

I use aquaforest reef salt AF Amino / Build / Vitality / Energy, and Probios -NP pro I also use phosphate minus I am very pleased with these products. I did not shoot real but the colors are present.

Paul Robert, France

Aquaforest Reef Salt review!
Ok so the bucket came, first impressions has to be the colour/picture of the bucket, WOW that is well done folks you will catch anyones attention with that!
One very small picky thing I found, and is picky, the little tab you have to break off to open, not easy for me who bites his nails lol
So put the tub on the scales at recorded 23.15kg not bad so far!
Opened it up and found the label nicely on the top, will test that later so see how we did on that one!
Opened the bag, and the first time seen on all the salts I have used, there was a measuring jug, nice thought!
So got 2 tubs with the same amount of water in, put 100g of Aquaforest against another brand, Aquaforest mixed very well, no smell to it at all, mixed to make a vortex to spin the large bits to the middle, as you can see in the mixes, the Aquaforest was crystal clear in no time at all, the other brand a little hazy. the other brand did mix a little higher salinity 36 than the Aquaforest 35 but I knew that salt was good for that anyway, the levels within that salt are not very good so i’m hoping the Aquaforest salt is!
The Aquaforest salt seem to be fluffy as that’s the only was I can describe it against the other brand, very light feel to it!
So at the moment it has lived unto all that was expected, the branding is superb, the quality so far is superb….

Glen Stuart Gardiner

Today is 6 months running complete Aquaforest, here are some coral photos. I could not be happier…

Perry Lyle

My touch of Aqua forest been running a month on pro biotic and I must say I’m impressed.

Tony Brown