Frequently Asked Questions

1How to set up a new aquarium? What should I know before doing it?
If you are a beginner aquarist, it probably seems complicated. That's why we made tutorials for you, which will help you in your first steps. You can watch videos here: Video. We also prepared a guide: Guide
2Do I need to clean the AF Aquarium before using it for the first time?
During production, there is a possibility of precipitation of heavy metals that are harmful to animals. Our aquariums go through a special cleaning process immediately after the manufacturing process to be 100% sure that no animals will be harmed in the future. Nevertheless, it is recommended to rinse with RO water or wipe the tank with a wet cloth without chemicals after transport.
3Is it possible to use our aquarium for freshwater aquariums?
Of course, our aquariums are also suitable for breeding freshwater fish and plants.
4Is the cabinet under the aquarium already assembled?
The aquarium cabinet is ready for use. All you have to do is screw the panels to it.
5Is there a risk of damage to the aquarium during transportation?
We make every effort to avoid this. Our aquariums are well protected. Nevertheless, we always recommend that you carefully check the shipment when you receive it from the courier. If you find any damage, please write a damage report with the courier.
6Are the cabinets from Aquaforest waterproof?
Every component of our aquarium is designed to work in a humid environment - including our cabinets, which do not absorb moisture, deform or swell. Our aquarium sets have been tested in many aspects, including this. The results of these tests were highly positive, which can also be evidenced by the B31 certificate.
7Which pumps are best for our aquariums?
Here are the pumps we recommend for particular aquariums:
a) AF OceanGuard 275: Octo Pulse Op-2, VarioS 2, HY-3000 W, VorTech MP 10, Vectra S2
b) AF OceanGuard 435: Octo Pulse Op-2 x2, VarioS 6, HY-5000 W, VorTech 2x MP 10, Vectra M2
c) AF OceanGuard 605: Octo Pulse Op-4 x3, VarioS 6, HY-7000 W, VorTech 2x MP 40, Vectra M2
d) AF OceanGuard 790: Octo Pulse Op-4 x4, VarioS 8, HY-7000 W, VorTech 2x MP 40 MP10, Vectra L2
e) AF OceanGuard 980: Octo Pulse Op-4 x4, VarioS 9, HY-10000 W, VorTech 2x MP 60, Vectra L2
8What type of refill should I use with Sump OceanGuard?
One of the refills which we recommend is magnetic refill. Due to the thickness of the walls of the sump (8mm) it is crucial to choose the proper magnet.
9How to properly regulate a gate valve?
Here are the instructions:
a) Turn off the circulation pump and wait until water will flow to the sump. Your skimmer and refill RO water need to be off too until you end the regulation.
b) unscrew the gate valve (left side) to the fully open position (you will feel resistance)
c) Turn on the circulation pump and set the flow power needed in the aquarium. (don't do it at the same time with the valve )
d) Start slowly adjusting the gate valve until the runoff operation is quiet and the float floats freely. Water may gently trickle through the inspection drain (center pipe). Look into the chimney to track the rising water.
If you have disassembled the gate valve, pay attention to the accuracy of turning the valve adjustment wheel. One full turn of the valve wheel is about 3 mm of opening or closing the valve gate inside.
10How to properly level an aquarium?
The aquarium should be set up as stable and level as possible. However, not all surfaces are always perfectly level, our aquariums can be adjusted. Small differences in level are possible to compensate for with the proper adjustment of the feet. Here is how the adjustment process should look like:
a) Start by tightening all the feet in the aquarium cabinet. Set the cabinet in a predetermined, properly prepared place. With the help of a water level, which we set on the top of the cabinet, we check the levels on the longer and narrower part of the cabinet, correct any deviations on the movable legs of the cabinet with a wrench or manually, so that the deviations on the measuring device were within +- 1-3mm.
b) After leveling the cabinet, set the glass on the cabinet, remembering to remove any objects from the cabinet top.
11How to choose the right place for the aquarium and adapt the space around it?
The aquarium should be located in a properly prepared place:
a) the ceiling/floor must have sufficient strength so that the weight of the aquarium does not threaten the safety of the inhabitants.
b) the floor under the aquarium must be hard and even, the height differences over a length of 2m should not exceed 1-5 mm
c) it is recommended that the floor is made of water-resistant materials such as glazed concrete, stoneware, ceramic tiles, vinyl panels in the appropriate resistance class.
d) access to grounded electrical outlets, the power of fuses should allow safe use of electrical equipment that will operate in our aquarium. It is best to ask for help from a specialist who will prepare the electrical installation
e) adequate ventilation of the room
f) no permanent exposure to sunlight
The aquarium should not be exposed to direct sunlight.
12Where can I find the serial number of my aquarium and how do I register my aquarium?
The serial number can be found on the paper manual and on the outside right side of the cabinet, behind the side panel. To register your aquarium go to our website: Warranty. By registering you will extend your warranty by one year!
13What period does the warranty cover?
The basic warranty lasts for 3 years. If you register your aquarium on our website: Warranty, you will receive an additional 1 year!
14Is all the glass used in AF OceanGuard aquariums made with OptiWhite technology?
The Aquaforset OceanGuard uses 3 OptiWhite glass, front and sides. The back glass is decorative float glass. It is coated with a special varnish to create a depth effect in the aquarium.
15Which is the best product for cleaning up aquarium?
We recommend using products specifically designed for cleaning an aquarium. For example, our AF Easy Gloss is ideal for keeping your aquarium clean from the outside. This product is 100% safe for aquarium life and contains no dangerous chemicals. For cleaning the inside of the aquarium, we recommend AF UltraScrape.