Discover Your Dream Marine Aquarium

AF Aquariums, a result of cutting-edge technology and extensive aquarium expertise, embody meticulous design and top-tier quality. Crafted in collaboration with leading engineers and aquarists, our reefing solutions feature Optiwhite™ glass and black silicone, specifically tailored for marine aquariums. This glass ensures color accuracy, easy maintenance, and enhanced scratch resistance. Pilkington Optiwhite™, a low-iron super clear glass, eliminates the greenish tint crucial for thick glass marine aquariums. The ultra-even surface, coupled with a black overflow box and rear glass, offers both aesthetics and functionality. A removable, easy-to-clean weir comb, a noise-canceling cover for silent water flow, and professional foam for safety and easy installation complete the package. The optimal glass thickness enables a rimless design without compromising light transmittance and set safety.