About Us


Our company combines passion, extensive experience, and the support of a professional laboratory, allowing us to create products of the highest quality in the market. Our goal is to support aquarium enthusiasts worldwide at every stage of their journey. We are particularly close to the aquatic environment, so we actively care for its protection and development, both in aquariums and in the natural environment, so that future generations can enjoy its beauty.


Our vision entails furthering the development of the aquarium passion by creating innovative, eco-friendly products and building and supporting a community of enthusiasts worldwide. We aim to educate, share knowledge, and inspire new aquarium enthusiasts with our passion. Our goal is to create an ecosystem where people can derive joy from aquarium keeping while simultaneously caring for the protection of the aquatic environment on a global scale.

To make all marine aquariums healthy, thriving and their owners feel proud.

Aquaforest was established in 1995. Initially we manufactured substrates and aquatic plants fertilizers for zoos, Aquariums and professional plant farms. A couple of years after the launch we started our own aquatic plants, fish and corals farms. As our cultures grew, we realized that to expand further we needed our own sea salt, foods and supplements, as no supplier could match our requirements for the high quality products. And so our quest to create top-notch products for marine aquariums began. We started to invest heavily in research to create our own unique products. Our results were so good and the products that we created worked so well, that we decided we could no longer keep them to ourselves. We began to market them. At the beginning of 2011 we started the production of AQUAFOREST ™ products for retail customers. The entire range soon gained significant attention from shops and marine aquarists.