Join AF CoralCrew


If there’s one thing we’ve learned in this hobby it is we’re not alone. Chances are you’ve asked someone for help or advice or given it yourself. At Aquaforest, we believe in the power of community to make the hobby better. As many of you are already part of our Aquaforest Facebook Group and follow up on Instagram, we’d like to go one step further to help others.

We are about to launch the Aquaforest CoralCrew. It will be a community of Aquaforest Ambassadors, marine enthusiast, and social media mavericks to help us generate brand awareness, create authentic and compelling social media content, and spread your positive brand experiences with others.

If you…

• Are an experienced marine aquarist/reefer

• Believe in the power of community support to make the hobby better for everyone

• Strive to build amazing content and open to brand partnerships

• Actively engaged across social media platforms (i.e, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, etc.,) with at least 1000 followers

• Want to use top quality products and share your experience with other users

What’s in it for you?

• Part of a community of like-minded reefers

• Amazing Aquaforest product bundles to make your reef thrive

• Pre-release products to try and provide feedback

• Limited AF merch exclusively for CoralCrew members

• Opportunity to have your UGC content featured across the Aquaforest social media ecosystem

• Growth on your social accounts supported by Aquaforest

If this sounds exciting to you, complete the form and we’ll review your application.

*Legal Disclaimers

By being part of the Aquaforest CoralCrew you understand your social media content can be used by Aquaforest for marketing purposes. Items shared with you can not be sold for a profit. This partnership serves as an NDA in the sharing of proprietary information or products pre-release to the public. Completing the form does not automatically enroll you in the Aquaforest CoralCrew program. The Aquaforest team carefully checks each submission. We will contact selected candidates.

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