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The perfect environment for the inhabitants of your aquarium

Sea salts that provide all the necessary trace elements and guarantee conditions almost identical to those found in the natural seawater.

Enhance your saltwater aquarium with high-quality sea salt

Aquaforest is a reputable brand, has been supplying aquarists with high-quality products for years. All of our salts were carefully developed to ensure optimal water parameters, which are necessary to keep a healthy and balanced ecosystem in your aquarium. The purity and composition of each batch of salt are checked correctly. We are using tests called ICP-OES to make sure it’s safe and good for fish and corals. It is important to remember that, regardless of your experience in aquaristics, the quality of salt and the proper use are crucial to maintaining optimal condition for marine animals.

Aquaforest products are manufactured in the EU under strict laboratory supervision to meet the highest quality standards. Each product is prepared from carefully selected raw components in quantities proven to yield consistent composition.

Optimal saltwater parameters with our marine salt for saltwater tanks

Aquaforest salt ensure optimal mineral and chemical parameters, which are necessary for all aquarium inhabitants. Our salts have a carefully curated assortment of nutrients that enhance the vibrant hues of aquatic creatures. The richness of trace elements and minerals in Aquaforest salt has a positive effect on the aquarium, giving it a wonderful appearance.

We encourage checking our web, you can find there recommended salinity levels depending on the type of aquarium. You will also learn about the influence of salinity on the levels of macro and trace elements.

Premium marine salt mixes for a thriving reef tank

In our offer, you can find salts intended for different types of aquarium.

We prepared many varieties of salt so that every aquarist can find something for himself.

  1. Sea Salt – synthetic, highly efficient marine salt for aquariums with fish and less delicate corals and invertebrates.
  2. Reef Salt – fully synthetic marine salt created for aquacultured corals. However, it will be a good choice for every type of aquarium. The addition of vitamin C encourages growth and has positive effects on the overall health of all aquarium inhabitants. This salt contains every macro and trace elements necessary for well-growth and proper pigmentation of corals. It dissolves quickly and can be stored up to 5 days after preparing the solution.
  3. Reef Salt + – the highest quality salt, dedicated to mixed aquariums with many corals, also supports the construction of skeletons, supports ion exchange, improves coloration and supports the process of photosynthesis. The Reef Salt + formula also boasts enhanced levels of alkalinity, calcium, and magnesium. The diverse assortment of trace elements permits you to minimize the necessity of imposing additional dosages to account for variations in water parameters.
  4. Probiotic Reef Salt – fully synthetic salt, which was created for coral aquariums. This salt ensures all macro and trace needed to meet the needs of corals. A supplement of probiotic bacteria has a positive impact on reducing nitrate and phosphate, as well as inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the marine aquariums.
  5. Hybrid Pro Salt – it’s the most advanced formula of aquaristic salts. Intended for aquariums with coral type like SPS and tanks provided with probiotic method. It has the addition of sea salt from the ocean. Thanks to carefully selected strains of probiotic bacteria, it guarantees greater control over nitrate and phosphate in the aquarium. It is worth noting that this salt contains vitamins and amino acids, which affect the excellent condition of corals. You should keep dKH levels in mind when using salt. The level we recommend is 7.5-8.5, it will facilitate the multiplication of probiotic bacteria. Their activity may be reduced by higher or lower levels.