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Create environment identical to natural corals’ habitat. A wide range of easy-to-use and safe micronutrients for quick parameter correction and supplementing deficiencies.

Essential trace elements for healthy aquariums

Introduction of appropriate microelements into aquarium is a crucial for health and growth of aquarium living. That’s why we offer the perfect solution for all aquaristic lovers – a wide range of trace elements, which will help to improve your aquarium and create an optimal environment for the inhabitants.

In our offers, you can find:

  • Strontium – supplement containing highly concentrated strontium and barium.
  • Kalium – supplement containing highly concentrated potassium. In SPS corals, the deficiency of this valuable element causes a faded pink and red color.
  • Iron – regular and balanced iron supplementation provides intense green coloration of corals. Supplement containing highly concentrated iron. 
  • Fluorine – balanced fluoride supplementation, effectively strengthens the blue and white coloration of SPS corals, as well as highlighting the fluorescence of most corals.
  • Iodum – supplement containing concentrated iodine. Iodum intensifies dark blue and purple coloration of hard corals. Appropriate iodine content in the seawater tank supports shrimp molting.

Aquaforest also offers supplementation of single trace elements like sulfur, manganese, zinc, molybdenum, and many others. All products are carefully developed, researched and tested in ours laboratories to provide optimal concentration of trace elements and ensure ideal conditions for living. Each of the trace elements has its own effect. On our Aquaforest website, you can find precise descriptions and recommendations for dosing each of them.

Boost growth and coloration with reef tank trace elements

We are a reputable manufacturer specializing in marine and freshwater aquariums. Our products are carefully prepared to ensure perfect conditions for your aquarium. In our offers, you can find a wide range of trace elements, which deliver necessary nutrients for plants and support fish health.

We have high-quality ready to use mix supplements, which ensure the ideal proportion of needed trace elements.

The Micro E supplement is a great choice for replenishing deficiencies in heavy metals, such as manganese, vanadium, zinc, nickel, iron, chromium, cobalt, and copper. These elements will ensure that your corals display vibrant hues and are in excellent condition. This way of dosing is recommended if you want to be certain that every parameter is on ideal level.

Components Strong combined with Calcium, Magnesium, KH Buffer and Reef Mineral Salt are completed to set intended for keeping reefs aquarium method recommended by H. W Balling. Compontens Strong includes: 

  • Strong A contains concentrated strontium and barium
  • Strong B contains concentrated heavy metals
  • Strong C contains concentrated iodine and fluorine
  • Strong K contains concentrated potassium