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Balanced diet for the inhabitants of your aquarium

High-quality sinking pellets, liquids, and clips to place anywhere in the aquarium. This range will meet the nutritional needs of all fish, guaranteeing healthy growth and amazing coloration.

Saltwater fish food – premium nutrition from Aquaforest

Through years of observation and research, our the best specialists team, together with experienced aquarists, developed high-quality foods for the most demanding fish marine. The differentiation of our foods will provide your fish with all the essential vitamins, minerals, and resistance. Furthermore, it will have a positive result for their color. Aquaforest products help your fish grow healthy and happy without feeling stressed, which improves your tank look.

In our offer you can find high-balanced liquid foods (like: Liquid Artemia, Liquid Mysis, Liquid Vege) and feed in granules. All of them are made up of natural ingredients and are enhanced by phytoplankton or garlic extract. We care about all kinds of fish: herbivores (AF Algae Feed or AF Vege Clip), carnivorous (AF Marine Mix M or AF Marine Mix S). We took into consideration the size of the fish, and we have adjusted the granules accordingly. Our foods are safe and balanced, prepared for each aquarium inhabitant.

Aquaforest has also, additional line of fish food, it’s called “expert line”. The entire range of products from this collection is enriched with beneficial microbes, which aid the digestion process.

Marine fish food – nourish your fish with the finest quality

Marine fish are fascinating creatures, they delight us with their diversity and beauty. A proper and balanced diet is crucial to providing them with health and well-being.

Aquaforest will help you meet all the nutritional needs of your aquarium. Diversity of nutrients is one of the main aspects of a healthy fish diet. We offer a wide range of foods, adapted to various species of marine fish, which take it into account individual nutritional requirements. Thank by diversity of elements, like seaweed, crustaceans, algae, Aquaforest provides comprehensive nutrition for your animals.

Remember, however, products are not everything. A balanced diet is also based on responsible way of feeding. Overfeeding them is not allowed, as it can lead to their sickness and a decrease in the water quality in the tank. The ratio of fish consumption and the frequency of feeding should be chosen in accordance with the number of fish present in the tank and the instructions on the packaging.

Best saltwater fish food – balanced nutrition for marine fishes

We have adapted our product not only for fish needs, but we improved it in terms of dispensing too, for your comfort. That’s why we took care of the issue of feeding animals when you’re away for a while. We adjusted our food to accommodate automatic feeders. This means you don’t have to worry about your animals during the holidays!