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Maintain ideal water parameters with beneficial bacteria

Products containing active bacteria, nourishments and nutrient-lowering media, that guarantee the best conditions for corals’ growth and inhibit the development of unwanted algae

Live bacteria for aquarium

In Aquaforest we combined science and aquaristic experience to create our Aquaforest Probiotic Method. The method relies on the introduction of probiotic bacteria into the aquarium. These bacteria help prevent the growth of pathogenic bacteria and improve the resistance of other animals in your aquarium. In addition, probiotic bacteria eat nutrients and lower the amount of nitrate and phosphate in the water. This helps your corals grow and become more colorful.

We’ve got some goodies to keep the bacteria in check and in the right proportions. Hybrid Pro Salt is the most advanced reef salt. Thanks to this salt, you can introduce probiotic bacteria into the tank easily. The next product that is worth your attention is -NP Pro. The high-quality medium supports beneficial microbes, which with Pro Bio S converts unwanted NO3 and PO4 in the aquarium into valuable bacterioplankton. Bacterioplankton is a delicacy of corals.

Filter media are an important element for bacteria as well because this is a place where you can find the most of them. Speaking of filtration, we simply have to mention Life Bio Fil, a media that is already settled with a bacterial population. This product will also support the process of nitrification and accelerate maturity in aquarium.

Nitrifying bacteria for aquarium

Fish and corals are not the only organisms that live in aquariums, and we must take care of them. The other creatures, which means, are nitrifying bacteria.

They are, for example, responsible for creating a biologically friendly environment for aquarium inhabitants and starting the nitrogen cycle. It’s about transforming nitrogen compounds, neutralizing harmful ammonia and nitrite. Our adventures with aquaristic would not have been possible without this exchange.

The nitrification process can take up to several weeks, so you need to be patient. You can also boost bacterial reproduction with different carbon sources included in -NP Pro or Nitraphos Minus. 

For smaller tanks in which installing a filter with polymers is not possible, or it is much more difficult, we recommend using Pro Bio F. This product accelerates the decomposition of organic matter and improves clarity of water.

The most amount of nitrifying bacteria are placed in filters and substrates. That’s something you should keep in mind when you’re out shopping. The greater the porosity of these elements, the better the conditions for settling for bacteria in these areas. It is worth investing in a product like Bio S because it replenishes bacteria after water changes. Regular testing your water aquarium parameters is good practice too. This action will help you to keep a proper number of bacteria. It’s crucial for a healthy and balanced ecosystem in a saltwater aquarium.