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Enjoy perfectly colored corals. Supplements supporting growth, calcification of skeletons and guaranteeing intense coloration.

Nourish your coral reef with high-quality reef food

Thanks to symbiotic algae called zooxanthellae, corals are able to eat like plants through photosynthetic processes. However, this method only provides them with 60%-80% of the energy corals need. So, it’s not enough for effective growth. That’s why our offer contains specialist powdered feeds, liquid food and many supplements, which improve their color, growth, and resistant of your corals.

Our products are adapted for all the types of corals. SPS, LPS, soft and non-photosynthetic corals, for each of these corals, our products were carefully researched and developed.

For LPS we prepared AF LPS Food, which is rich in protein and highly nutritious fatty acids that are essential to the health of marine animals.

AF Power Food is dedicated to SPS corals, but will also be great for others. This product ensures perfect color and well-growth, Vitamins content support immunity.

We also have something for Zoanthus, Ricordea, Rhodactis and other mushroom corals. AF Zoa Food is enriched with a special vitamins set. Thanks to it, improves hues, supports healthy growth of corals.

Back to the topic of liquids. In our offer, we have AF Plankton Elixir, which due to the high content of unsaturated Omega-3 acids, EPA, DHA and SDA, astaxanthines and other natural caretonoids, it significantly improves coloration.

AF Phyto Mix is dedicated mainly to soft corals, gorgonias and non-phosynthetic corals.

Last but not the least, AF Liquid Rotifers contains the main components of marine zooplankton, making it a perfect, close to the natural food for corals, especially SPS. 

Enhance your reef’s health with premium reef supplements

Take care of your fish with the best coral-friendly supplements on the market. Our products have a great reputation among the aquarist community. Set of supplements ABEV will support growth of skeleton, improve hue and coral polyps extension. Additionally, it’s a quality medium for beneficial bacteria in your aquarium.

AF Amino Mix contains all required amino acids, also it has a positive impact on the photosynthesis process.

AF Build improves the clarity of water and supports the growth of corals, also AF Build reduces the amount of lower-order algae.

AF Energy is a great source of unsaturated Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, it increases the bright, pastel coloration of SPS corals.

Finally, our AF Vitality completes the water with all the necessary vitamins that are removed by the filtration system in a closed aquarium system.

In our assortment you will also find products such as AF Power Elixir, AF Pure Food and AF Growth Boost. The first of them is designed to be connected to a dosing pump, it ensures a proprietary blend of perfectly balanced complex amino acids and vitamins. The next two are powdered supplements.

AF Pure Food guarantees intensive growth and stabilizes pH, AF Growth Boost is an amino acid set, which supports metabolism of corals and polyps extension.

Optimize your reef tank with reef tank supplements form Aquaforest

Thanks to many years of experience and advanced knowledge in the marine aquaristic field, we created unique formulas, which ensure necessary nutrients without the risk of water contamination. Our supplements are easy to use and can be used by both beginners and advanced aquarists.