Garlic Essence

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Garlic Essence – a comprehensive support for the immune system of aquarium fish created by combining vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and natural garlic extract. It is an effective product for both the daily support of the diet and during treatment, convalescence, or quarantine periods.

With a unique formula comprising natural ingredients, Garlic Essence promotes health and supports overall condition of your fish through the presence of vitamins and omega-3 acids 

This product uses natural ingredients like garlic extract, vegetable oils, and cod liver oil to help aquarium fish stay healthy.

Garlic Essence is a supplement that meets the daily needs of fish and can play a key role in taking care of their health. It provides comprehensive support for aquarium fish, based on their natural needs.

What makes this product unique?

  • Supplement containing vitamins, omega-3 acids and natural garlic extract.
  • Enriches the daily diet of fish.
  • Effective during the quarantine period.
  • Ingredients include garlic extract, vegetable oils and fish oil.
  • Positively affects the circulatory system.
  • Improves the rate of regeneration and wound healing.