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 AF Tiny Fish Feed is a soft feed mixture for small ornamental fish. It is a dry food that comes in a granulated form. It is made solely from natural ingredients such as fish, vegetable proteins and fish oil. As a outcome, it is eagerly eaten even by the most picky species of fish. Rich in protein and fats to ensure healthy growth and boost coloration. AF Tiny Fish Feed is an easily assimilable feed, so it doesn’t overwhelm the digestive system and defends it from inflammation. It contains tapioca, rich in vitamins and minerals, which actively support the health and immunity of fish.


The food is perfect as a dietary ingredient for fish and other marine aquarium inhabitants. Dosed into the water, it doesn’t  disintegrate and does not cause its turbidity. Soft granules sink slowly in the water, which makes them a rich and easily accessible source of food for all the aquarium inhabitants.


Product for use in aquariums. Not suitable for human consumption. Store in a dry and cool place away from children.



Feed several times a day in small portions. For best fish nutrition, it is recommended to alternate AF Tiny Fish Feed with other Aquaforest brand foods. 


Key features:

Soft pellet feed mix for small ornamental fish

Complete and easily assimilated composition

Rich in health promoting and immune-supporting vitamins and minerals

Can form the basis of a diet

Formulated from natural ingredients


Ingredients: fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein, tapioca, fish oil, antioxidants.

Additives: vit. A 20,000 IU/kg, vit. C 800 mg/kg, vit. E 320 mg/kg, vit. D3 1800 IU/kg, iron 46 mg/kg, iodine 2 mg/kg, copper 4 mg/kg, manganese 29 mg/kg, zinc 96 mg/kg.

Analytical ingredients: crude protein 44%, crude fat 12.8%, crude fiber 1.2%, crude ash 6%, moisture 29.2%.