AF Tiny Fish Feed

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A fundamental, balanced feed for small marine fish, in the form of tiny pellets, sized at 1 mm.

This high-protein feed stimulates proper growth and builds resistance, reducing the risk of developmental issues.

The tapioca content supports the proper functioning of the cardiovascular, muscular, and nervous systems.

The feed contains high-quality fats and animal oils, responsible for strengthening the immune system and supporting other crucial bodily functions.

What makes this product unique:

  • Soft pellet feed mix for small ornamental fish
  • Complete and easily assimilated composition
  • Rich in health promoting and immune-supporting vitamins and minerals
  • Can form the basis of a diet
  • Formulated from natural ingredients
  • Supports all physiological processes in the body
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Supports the proper functioning of the cardiovascular, muscular, and nervous systems
  • Reduces the risk of developmental abnormalities
  • Suitable for use with an automatic feeder

Product for use in aquariums. Not suitable for human consumption. Store in a dry and cool place away from children.

Ingredients: fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein, tapioca, fish oil, antioxidants.

Additives: vit. A 20,000 IU/kg, vit. C 800 mg/kg, vit. E 320 mg/kg, vit. D3 1800 IU/kg, iron 46 mg/kg, iodine 2 mg/kg, copper 4 mg/kg, manganese 29 mg/kg, zinc 96 mg/kg.

Analytical ingredients: crude protein 44%, crude fat 12.8%, crude fiber 1.2%, crude ash 6%, moisture 29.2%.

Dosage: Feed several times a day in small portions. For best fish nutrition, it is recommended to alternate AF Tiny Fish Feed with other Aquaforest brand foods.