AF UltraScrape Slim

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 Clean glass is basic for aquarium aesthetics. Even the most beautiful and rare corals can be overshadowed by visible algae on the glass surface. That’s when AF Ultrascrape Slim comes in handy. AF Ultrascrape Slim is made of durable materials, making it resistant to both fresh and salt water. The minimalistic purple shape of the cleaner guarantees comfort of use and a modern look. The oblong shape ensures high efficiency of the cleaner, as well as easy maneuvering and reaching even the difficult aquarium areas. AF Ultrascrape Slim consists of two parts: the outer – for moving the cleaner and the inner, active part, which effectively cleans the walls of the aquarium from the inside. The outer part has been secured with a soft material that allows you to smoothly slide over the aquarium glass – without fear of scratches. The inner part is a rough fabric that easily removes any dirt from the aquarium surface. The large active surface of the cleaner makes using it extremely simple and effective. Strong magnets protect the inside against detaching from the glass. Even detached from the surface, the cleaner doesn’t sink, but floats on the surface of the water, enabling trouble-free installation in the aquarium again.


Key Features:

  • Magnetic cleaner for freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Large active area
  • Effectively removes even the most stubborn dirt
  • For aquariums made of glass up to 10 mm thick
  • Protected against sinking
  • Smooth and safe operation
  • Aesthetic appearance
  • The highest quality of workmanship
  • Does not emit harmful substances
  • Safe for fish and corals