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The AFix Glue is a unique plastic two-part adhesive used to bond small aquarium components. You can easily and quickly attach corals to rocks or saucers, create grafts, and connect small fragments of rocks with the help of glue.

Directions for use:

  • Separate equal pieces of each component of the glue
  • Combine the two parts of the glue and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass is obtained
  • Thus prepared glue is ready for use
  • For better results, gently dry the gluing area, and then apply a portion of the glue.
  • Carefully place the glued part in the target area.

For the time of gluing in the aquarium, it is recommended to turn off the circulators.

Glue setting time: about 30 min.

It is not recommended to use the glue more than ¼ package per 100 liters at a time, with an interval of not less than 3 days.

Good to know: the product is intended for aquarium use only. Store in a cool place away from light and children.

AFix Glue
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