There are many ways to colour corals. First thing is a proper microelements dosage and second one is corals supplementation.

If you use Component 1+2+3+ – it contains macro and microelements which are necessary for proper corals colouration. Though trace elements supplementation is important to get astonishing colouring of corals, overdosing may be dangerous to the tank. That’s why we prepared products of different concentrations, so that your reef is always safe with us.

If you make your own Component 1+2+3+ (using Calcium, Magnesium, KH Buffer and Reef Mineral Salt) you should use Components Strong as microelements completion. You can also use Components  ABC – it also comes in 200 ml bottles and in 2000 ml size which is perfect for dosing pumps. The difference between all the mentioned products is the concentration of microelements. For advanced users we recommend to dose selected microelements like: Iodum, Strontium, Fluorine, Kalium, Iron, Micro E.