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Can I use AF Power Elixir with ABEV at the same time?

23 08, 2021

Yes, but in order to avoid overdosing supplements, we recommend that you reduce the doses and observe the […]

Is it possible to mix -NP Pro and Pro Bio S in the same dosing container?

7 01, 2021

No, these two products should not be mixed. 

Can I mix equal volume of Component 1 Pro and Component 3 Pro together in one container for dosing?

7 01, 2021

Due to the high concentration of Components Pro we don’t advise mixing them in one container. 

Does Component A is the same as Component A Strong?

29 10, 2020

These two are completely different products. Component A Strong is a part of Components Strong set which is […]

Is dosing Micro E safe? It contains copper which is toxic.

27 08, 2020

Copper content in our products is very low and completely safe for aquatic life. Presence of copper in […]

Can we purchase Components Strong separately?

27 08, 2020

Components Strong are dedicated for users who mix their own Component 1+ 2+ 3+. Since they should be […]

Should I dose Iodum, Kalium, Iron, Fluorine and Micro E with lights off or on?

27 08, 2020

Iodine and Fluorine are halides and as such they are reactive and broken down in strong light. As […]

I dose Iodum and Strontium as recommended (1 drop/100 litres of water) but I can’t get the levels up to minimum. What do you recommend?

27 08, 2020

You should try to slowly increase the dosage of both elements and monitor water parameters. Be careful though, […]

Will Component C color up the blues of SPS corals?

27 08, 2020

Yes, Component C contains iodine and fluorine – that will boost blue colouration

What colour does Component B color up ?

27 08, 2020

Component B contains heavy metals (cobalt, copper, chrome, manganese, vanadium, zinc, nickel, iron) – it will boost green […]

Is it true that Component A will colour up the reds of SPS corals?

27 08, 2020

Component A contains strontium and barium which saturate all the colors, reds including.

How can I boost my corals colouration? Can I do this using Component ABC?

27 08, 2020

There are many ways to colour corals. First thing is a proper microelements dosage and second one is […]

How does Reef Mineral Salt work?

6 07, 2020

It is a common misconception among reefers that administering NaCl free salt is primarily supposed to replenish trace […]

The Aquaforest Balling process (Component 123+) includes Reef Mineral Salt as the third dosing part. I use a calcium reactor and was wondering if I am missing out on anything by not dosing it.

6 07, 2020

Reef Mineral Salt is required to use with calcium chloride and sodium bicarbonate. If you are running calcium […]

I’m having issues with raising alkalinity with KH Plus. Does it just gradually rise? It’s at 7 at the moment.

6 07, 2020

We recommend to keep KH levels between 6,5-8,0. Please, do not raise KH more than 1.0 dKH/day as […]

I was dosing Component 1+ 2+ 3+ in equal doses and magnesium went up to 1600+. I stopped dosing and now it’s leveling out. What do you recommend?

3 07, 2020

You should base the dosage of Component 1+ 2+ 3+ on the element that is the least consumed. […]

Can KH Plus be used as a substitute for KH Buffer for mixing Component 2+?

2 07, 2020

Of course, still you need to remember about adding Components Strong as KH Plus doesn’t contain trace elements.

Can I use -NP Pro and Pro Bio S together with NitraPhos Minus?

12 03, 2020

Pro Bio S and -NP Pro are dedicated especially for Aquaforest Probiotic Method. We’re aware that not everyone […]